Working women ignored in budget

LAHORE – Home based working women have been ignored in the provincial budget 2014-15. There was a need to announce a policy for working women who contribute to the national economy.

The speakers viewed this at a seminar on “Post Budget (2014-15) Review for Women Working” Tuesday at Hameed Nizami Press Institute of Pakistan. Dr Qais Aslam presided over the sitting while HNPIP Director Absar Abdul Ali was the moderator.

Ali threw light on the recent budget in the beginning of the seminar. Dr Qais Aslam said that the traditional capitalist economy was portrait of many ills including unemployment, inflation and difference between imports and exports. He said that 56 million working people of the country were the real backbone of economy. Talking on the condition of working people, he said, “They had been being ignored since long”.

Government institution least care about their working conditions or minimum wages, he said. To ensure implementation of minimum wages announcements, he said, it should be made mandatory on the factory owners to ensure ISO Certification. He said that there were many indirect taxes that kill the working class but the elite class is being exempted from taxes.

The middle man who had since long been exploiting the working class like farmers and home based workers, should be brought to justice. “Withoutaccountability there would be no implementation of law”, he held.

The other speakers including Maria Kaukab and Shumaila Malik also said that the working women had been badly ignored in the budget 2014-15. They were of the view, despite tall claims of the ruling government, the fate of the workers remain unchanged. They were of the view that like other workers working women should be given their due rights.

The government should take measures to ensure minimum wages announced in the budget, they stressed.

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