Kite making has always been a business restricted to the informal sector. It was work that kept both women and men earning, and work was shared by entire families, who could earn up to Rs 2,000 a day. Today they are broke with no work to do. In only rare incidents have those affected been able to shift their line of work, but even then they are reported to not be as prosperous as they used to be.

The ban is not only restricted to Basant, but stretches out the entire year and stops anyone from kite flying, has ended up leaving the kite making community scarred for what it seems to be life. The kite flying has been banned by Punjab government due to the hazardous wire used . Kite flying is totally a homebased work done by families living in walled city of Lahore and Shalimar town, Imamia Colony,Kot Lakhpat and shahdra of Lahore.The home base work of kite making was also generating income for the families and promoting decent living. Now after that what have been noticed is that those HBWs are suffering due to unemployment and so much so that it has been noted that due to increasing poverty women are into prostitution and men doing odd jobs. At this crucial juncture where unemployment is increasing , inflation increasing on weekly basis and population ratio also on the rise ; it becomes essential to encourage the cottage industry to flourish and empower informal sector employment.

Project Objective:

  • To strengthen the kite making sector for creating visibility.
  • To create and strengthen citizen`s networks of HBWs so that the kite makers may negotiate with policy makers for better legislation for the sector bringing voice and visibility for the HBWs.
  • Improving the conditions, living standards, wages/earnings of the Kite makers HBWs by enhancing their skills, linking them with the livelihoods schemes and government social protection schemes/social safety nets.
  • Advocate for the rights of HBWs kite makers for the amendment/relaxation on the Ban on kite making.
  • Imparting alternative skills to the kite makers ensuring their better livelihoods.
  • To initiate negotiation with Punjab Government for the revival of the Basant not only as festival but economic generating activity for the province.