Our Niche

With 30% of the population of Pakistan unable to fulfill its minimum food requirements, another 20% barely able to meet their other basic needs, it is not surprising that these women continue to work under these conditions. If there is to be any substantive alleviation of poverty in the country, then the livelihood conditions of home-based women workers, a major section of society, need to be changed drastically.

HNP believes that home based women workers should be recognised not just as poor women, deserving of charity and some welfare schemes. They have to be seen as workers. They have to be seen as producers. This is only possible only if they are visible. One of the most important challenges is the invisibility of home based women workers. Before giving voice to their view we need to know as their actual number is. They also need to be adequately reflected in statistics and recognised as workers in the labour laws of the country, thus making them eligible for social protection.