Our Achievements

Since 2005 HNP has been involved in organizing, mobilizing, data collection, advocating and lobbying for the issues and rights of home based women workers. HNP has an outreach in 86 districts of the country. Since 2005 HNP took the initiative of bringing organizations working for women homebased workers under its umbrella. Currently 538 organizations are registered with HNP with 58,262 women homebased workers. (Till date according to figures collected since 2004).

A number of Networking Meetings with NGO’s and field visits through out country were held along with meetings with Government officials and insurance companies for finding opportunities for these home based women workers. Provincial Networking meetings were held in all four provinces where 481 organizations participated.

A National workshop on Designing A National Strategy’for Strengthening Women Home-workers, was held on 27 April 2002. Followed by Round Table discussion on Developing Social Security Strategies for Women Home-workers in Pakistan in September 2004. A Research on Social Security needs of home-based workers was conducted in 2004-2005 and findings were shared with HNSA. South Asian Home-based Women Workers’ Craft Mela was organized by HNP on 8-10 April 2005 where home based workers and organizations from India , Srilanka and Nepal participated. The objective was to develop linkages and provide market to the women based workers products. Four Marketing and Designing Workshops” were held at provincial level where 78 organizations participated and 198 women homebased workers received training.

A successful Media campaign was developed in Balochistan with the collaboration of Pakistan Television in the year 2007-2008. Continuation of the process and efforts for bringing these home based workers’ issues into the lime light and thus get recognition for them as part an integral part of the labour force; be given equitable share being major contributors to the economy. Several Awareness raising meetings, Exposure visits development of material, Legal Awareness workshops, Crafts Mela, Field researches, market surveys, Advocacy Round Table Meetings with Media, women councillors, legislators and lawyers were done. We are also focusing on technology to facilitate more people in Pakistan, in this case our technical support  team and web hosting provider is playing their role.

In 2008 HNP in collaboration with Aurat Foundation and Action Aid gathered suggestion and recommendations on a Draft Bill on home based workers for social protection in a series of Consultations at National and Provincial level.

After the Policy Conference in Delhi in January 2007 HNP along with Sungi Development Foundation and other its partners facilitated the process of drafting National Policy women home workers and advocacy and lobbying with public representatives. HNP in collaboration with HNSA, UNIFEM, ILO & Sungi Development Foundation organized a South Asian Regional Consultation on National Policy for HBWWs in October 2008 where the draft of the policy was shared with all stakeholders.

HNP Offers the following to its members

  • Regular newsletters.
  • Case studies of successful women home-based workers in the five South Asian countries.
  • Information on positive initiatives and experiments for women home-based workers in South Asia.
  • Advocacy on the concerns of women home-based workers with policy makers, legislators and other local and national leaders.
  • Networking opportunities to share experience with organizations working with home-based workers in South Asia.

HNP Offers Directly to Home-based Workers

  • Marketing, design and other skill training workshops.
  • Legal Awareness workshops.
  • Direct marketing opportunities through melas/exhibitions and other sale outlets.
  • Exposure visits within and outside Pakistan to share experiences with active homebased women workers.

HNP Publications since 2004

  • The poster My home is my Workplace” in English and Urdu.
  • Report of Mapping Exercise of Organizations working with home-based workers.
  • ILO Home-Workers Convention C177 in Urdu and English.
  • The year planner ‘Visible products, Invisible Hands’.
  • Pamphlets on Social Security Schemes , EOBI, Workers’ welfare board.