National Identity Card Campaign for Home-Based Workers

HomeNet Pakistan in collaboration with Parwarish Welfare Foundation Gujranwala and National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) arranged a National Identity Card campaign for the Home-Based Workers of District Gujranwala, in the first quarter of this year.

The campaign held in three series in the different towns of district Gujranwala in January, February and March. During the campaigns 1271 people benefitted from this campaign and got their Identity cards.

During these campaigns Home-Based Workers were especially focused. They were told about the importance their ID card. This campaign made them convinced that without their ID cards they cannot even be counted as a citizen of Pakistan and thus they cannot even raise their voice before the government for getting their basic rights and they do not even have the right to vote in the elections. They were told how crucial is getting their identity cards issued and that without Identity Cards, it was difficult for them to get their rights as labors and that they cannot even get their social security cards. Thus due to this campaign most of the HBWs of District Gujranwala got their ID cards issued due to this successful campaign.

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