Mapping of MFIs and Banks informal economy (TORs)

Terms of Reference

Mapping of MFIs and Banks informal economy

Position: Consultant

Duration: 15 Days

Starting Date : 31st October 2017

About the Organization

Home Net Pakistan is a network of organizations formed to raise awareness about the economic, social, domestic and other working conditions of home-based women workers who comprise 70% of the informal workforce contributing towards the country’s economic activities. Home Net Pakistan has been working for giving a recognition and support to the home-based workers since 2005.Formed under the Societies Registration Act 1862 Home Net Pakistan is a member of Home Net South Asia.

Scope and Purpose of the Assignment

The data collection of MFI’s and mapping exercise is aim to facilitate the home base worker for interest free facility of financial support to their micro level business. The exploring the opportunities for interest free loan for supporting women enterprises and sustainable incubation center for women at community level to enhancing their business for self sustainable. These data would be share with home base workers leader and home base worker in Gender action learning system capacity building and other related training under the project.

The findings of the mapping exercise would enable  women home based workers to be able to provide an insight to the organization to support the provincial governments of Sindh and Punjab to develop provincial Business development programs for HBWs of Sindh and Punjab; Enabling the women in the home based sector to adopt diversified roles as business entities; promote enabling environment by creating opportunities for women to uplift their social condition and position within their households, communities and at markets.


Home Net Pakistan in collaboration with Oxfam is implementing the project named as “POLICY AND PRACTICE FOR WOMEN HOME BASED AND DOMESTIC WORKERS RIGHTS IN SINDH AND PUNJAB” for informal economy.


The overall objective of the project support the policy advocacy environment for inclusion and recognition of informal workers specifically Home based women workers in labour policy. Additionally this project identified domestic workers as second largest sector where women work and face challenges. During the implementation of project urban areas and their challenges were also considered. The proposed extension phase will build on the experiences of the project by adding elements for self-sustain, replicable and scalable model.

Role of women in economy is invisible as either they do lesser paid tasks or they mostly are associated with informal economy. They have several barriers to enter into mainstream economic activities such as lack of education, dearth of financial resources, gender barriers to enter into markets, mobility challenges and additionally gender based violence and exploitation.

Specific Objectives:      


Phase 1: Desk review and data collection

  • List of MFI in Sindh and Punjab and website details
  • Foots print of the MFI at Sindh and Punjab regions and their portfolio details
  • Rate of return/ rate of interest and installment details
  • Documentation requirements and process of selection of potential group and community
  • Branches location and sub officer details along with address
  • Area manager-AM, Branch manager-BM or loan officers contact details of each MFI.
  • Credit/Loan limitations and reimbursements of the installment.
  • Takaful or Insurance details of MFI’s
  • MFI’s case study for any specific initiatives for Home base works communities.
  • Training details for small and medium level entrepreneur’s developments
  • Outreach details for poorest districts or communities
  • Sectors growth details
  • Region wise number of district served by MFI’s

Phase 2: Focus Group discussion for trend analysis of community and general feedback of beneficiaries for Lahore Region Only,

  • What are the trends and how potential market selected and grow?
  • Community trends for taking loans and selection of the MFI
  • How beneficent MFI and which is most suit the community on bases of loan limit,  installment details, documentation requirements and grantees, verification of the house hold, loan reimbursement, monthly meeting, loan recovery mechanism, technical support by MFI’s staff, community level involvement and access to the house hold, gender related issues, fiscal benefits of the MFi’s staff
  • Sharing of qualitative data, quantitative data and statistical data is usually in the form of tabulations (tabs).
  • Report Draft with agreed reporting template suggested in deliverable.

Knowledge, Skills and Ability


Post graduate from renowned university or its equivalent in research and analysis for supporting strategic development with regard to gender related issue of informal economy or especially home base worker or domestic worker in Pakistan.

Experience Required

At least 2 years of professional experience working in the research base organization or experience of managing the project related to micro finance institute at managerial position or branch level.

Language Requirements

Excellent oral and written communication skills in English, Urdu is mandatory,

 Proposed Methodology:

Desk review and Focus groups with HBW’s or individual interview of home base workers.

 Duration of the Contract:  15 Days

 Closing Date :  5th Nov 2017

Total Remuneration :( inclusive of travel, boarding, lodging, field activities)

Rs 20,000/-

Note : As per the FBR Rules Tax on services will be applied as per the defined rule by FBR.

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