Consultant/Technical Advisor for the finalization of HomeBased workers Policy Law in sindh.

Term Of Reference Consultancy

Category : Consultant/ Technical Advisor for the finalization of HomeBased workers Policy Law in Sindh.

Duration : 06 Months


Background and Purpose

HomeNet Pakistan (HNP), in collaboration with UN women, is implementing a Project Empowerment of Women Home based workers and excluded groups in Pakistan in Sindh.

The project aims to have an integrated approach in order to economically and socially empower 5,000 women HBWs and excluded groups (including women living with HIV/AIDS, transgender and women with disabilities). A three–pronged strategy will be adopted for project implementation that includes:

  1.  Advocacy at government and corporate level to draft HBW’s policy/legislation, its adoption and implementation
  2.  Enhanced skills to acquire social security/microfinance/market outreach.
  3. Capacity building of women home based workers and excluded groups

Strategy-I       will focus on advocacy element. Relevant stakeholders, CSO members, workers’ unions, HBWs unions and groups, line departments, political leaders, parliamentarians and government officials will be consulted and advocacy will be carried out. For effective advocacy strategy, HBWs task force will be formed and policy will be drafted, adopted and implemented to promote women’s economic empowerment in Sindh.

Strategy-II intends to capacitate the HBWs and excluded groups regarding microfinance and insurance schemes, conduct financial literacy training for selected HBWs, form the cooperatives of 5000 informal workers, link them with entrepreneur’s network and provide them referral services. The project will organize 5,000 women workers and excluded groups in Sindh, build the capacity of 5,000 informal workers through life skill training and conduct awareness raising sessions and behaviour change communication sessions for 5,000 (300 women and 200 transgender) right holders on issues concerning their wellbeing.

Strategy-III intends to develop the baseline and register the targeted HBWs. Capacity building of targeted informal workers will be carried out regarding microfinance, business development, entrepreneurship, social security benefits, legal support and referral services on violence against women, women right, decision making and access to productive resources. The project will also train 500 women and excluded group leaders to represent their issues/concerns at district/province level. The district action committees will also be formed in each district to influence the local budget and policies regarding their rights.

Project Outcomes:

Outcome 1: Government and corporate policies, laws and programs to promote women’s economic empowerment supported in Sindh.

Outcome 2: Women HBWs and excluded groups are economically empowered and women participate in decision-making processes at the household and community level in Sindh.

Primary Objective of the Assignment

 The project intends to hire services of a consultant as Technical Advisor to support HomeNet Pakistan and Labour and Human Resource department in developing the Action plan for the HBWs policy, develop rules of business for the HBWs Protection Law; and review and develop proposed amendments in the existing Labour laws with respect to the inclusion of HBWs. The purpose of the initiative is to provide facilitation to the LHRD Sindh in taking prompt actions, for the HBWs policy implementation.

Scope of Work& Methodology:

The consultant will incorporate the provincial aspects with regard to the implementation and developing of the provincial frameworks. He /She will work in coordination with the LHRD and HomeNet Pakistan in finalizing the Action plan, Rules of Business for HBWs law, proposed amendments in the existing labour laws, provincial action /implementation plan/framework and mechanism for social security registration of HBWs.

The methodology requires the consultant to finalize the above tasks in lieu of the comments and recommendations received from different stakeholders during the meetings with relevant stakeholders in tripartite arrangements:

  • Labour and Human Resource department,
  • Law department
  • Provincial Labour departments
  • Provincial Women Development departments
  • Local government
  • Federal Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis & Human Resource Development
  • Social welfare department
  • Employers federation of Pakistan
  • Workers federations and organizations
  • Members of Provincial tripartite committees
  • HBWs federation
  • Organizations working for and with HBWs.
  • Any other

It is anticipated that the scope of work shall encompass relevant information based on the baseline and existing information on the HBWs; on the ground experiences, provincial experiences and comments of the Labour and Human Resource, Law department, and relevant stakeholders.


The key deliverables will be as follows:

  • Finalization of the Provincial Action plan for the HBWs Policy Implementation.
  • Drafting of Rules of Business for the Provincial HBWs Law.
  • Development of proposed amendments in the existing Labour laws for the possibility of inclusion of HBWs as per policy and law.


The time frame for the completion of the assignment is 6 months, after the date of the signing of the contract. The consultant would be required to work in close coordination with the Provincial Labour and Human Resource department. Assignment is based in the Karachi. Total duration for the assignment is 90 days, spread over 6 months’ time including travel.

Mode of Payment

 A total amount of Rs 288,000 /-

  • 50 percent advance shall be paid at the signing of the contract
  • 30   percent at submission of the draft Action Plan and Rules of Business.
  • 20 percent at the finalization submission
  • Service Tax will be charged as per the FBR define rules.

Qualifications Required


Minimum University degree in any relevant field of Law, Economics, Social sciences.


Preferred 5 years of professional experience in conducting assignments in the field of democratic governance, policy, legislative processes and implementation of laws.


Candidate must have experience in leading assignments on his/her own along with learning experience in public sector of Pakistan and in particular the Labour Department.


Candidate must have excellent technical assistance skills, analytical report writing and knowledge in human rights, gender and social inclusion themes along with good inter\personal and presentational abilities.

Deadline for submission of CV is 30th January 2018, 05 .00 pm

Please submit your CV at

Human Resource Department

Home Net Pakistan


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