Awareness Raising Meeting with Home-Based Workers at Sialkot

HomeNet Pakistan in collaboration with Baidarie arranged an awareness raising meeting in Sialkot on April 23, 2010.

The Purpose of the Meeting

The meeting was arranged to give awareness to the HBWs of Sialkot about their labor rights and exploitation and to tell them how HomeNet Pakistan helps them, and what HomeNet Pakistan is doing for them. The National Policy for HBWs was discussed with them.

Information collected

  • Most of the HBWs are involved in football making and they get 25 to 30 rupees for each football and most of them stitch 2 footballs a day whereas the price they receive depends on the quality of football
  • A few HBWs were earning through making cricket, hockey and driving gloves
  • A few HBWs were earning their living by making mates
  • They want access to credit on easy grounds

The participants asked about ILO C-177 convention. So the key points of the conventions were shared with them and they were provided with ILO C177 booklets for further details

Major Problems

The HBWs of Sialkot are facing many problems as the other HBWs all over the country.

  • The payments are not regular
  • Working hours are too long, but these working also do not help decreasing poverty due low wages
  • They do not have any health facility
  • Their income is too low to give education to their children

Expectation of Participants from HNP

  • Provisions of machinery by lobbying with Government
  • Launching of training programs and help in linkages building
  • Involve the HBWs of Sialkot in Exposure visits
  • HNP will be successful in implementing the National Policy for HBWs
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